Toaster Feels The Holiday Spirit

Toaster & Christmas Tree

Here! I want this one!

I don’t think I’m a Christian

But this is SO FUN

Toaster Gets Deep

Toaster Goes Sightseeing

I feel oh so small

Here by the Hudson. What if

New York’s not for me?

Toaster Tries Too Hard

Toaster on Bench

God, I feel so Now.

What? Sorry, I can’t hear you.

Got the new Deerhoof

Toaster Contemplates Grafitti

Toaster With Street Art

Wait, is this street art?

Does this mean I should like it?

Shit. It’s uh…searing?

Toaster Walks the Dog

Toaster & Homer

Dog is big and white,

But mostly just really big.

I’m scared of the dog.